Asset Storage

Located in Frederick, MD, our state-of-the-art facility consists of 17,000 sq. ft. of secured warehouse space. With 24-hour video monitoring, secure access requirements, remote management, and an advanced security system, we ensure products are protected from theft, power failure, and inclement weather. Backup monitoring is also provided by ADT. This facility is fully insured by the Hartford Insurance Company for the storage of equipment/assets within the facility and the transport of products distributed from this facility.

Storage & Delivery

NITPS provides a full range of delivery services including…

  • Departmental (inside delivery service)
  • Dock Drop Off’s
  • Off-Hours Delivery Service
  • Scheduled Deliveries (within a 2-hour window).
  • All delivery vehicles are equipped with satelite tracking & enhanced locking systems.
  • Drivers are background checked, badged, and drug tested.

Secure Data Erasure & Destruction:

Now, more than ever there is an incredible emphasis on enhanced security measures when retiring aging assets & equipment. NITPS has the ability to permanently remove and destroy sensitive data on old/existing devices.

Services include:

  • Asset Removal
  • Secure Data Erasure & Destruction
  • Waste Removal & Recycling

Waste Removal/Retired Equipment:

NITPS adheres to stringent process guidelines to midgiate any adverse impact to our environment. This includes careful consideration of all utilized package materials and responsible disposal of these materials upon the delivery of equipment to our clients. Our ARS (Asset Recovery Service) is designed to safely remove and recycle end-of –life hardware at the clients request.


Our team of certified technicians posess the knowledge and training to help our clients quickly and effectively stand up all new technology. We offer onsite installation and deployment services for both “off-the-shelf” and custom solutions to help migrate requested applications and data to new hardware.

Services include:

  • Equipment Setup
  • Data Migration
  • System Deployment.